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17Mar 2020 Homes are a big part of Salt Lake City's air pollution problem. They also are the solution.

Utah’s largest homebuilder is also paying attention to the HERS score.

Ivory Homes is using extra insulation, energy-efficient lighting and furnaces, high-efficiency water heaters and better windows, pushing its average HERS score from 68 in 2011 to 53 today, better than what the Utah code requires.

“We’re building the most energy-efficient and pro-environment homes we’ve ever built,” says Michael Parker, Ivory’s senior economist and vice president of public affairs. “We don’t do them as one-offs. This is across 1,100 homes [a year].”

The company is looking at adding infrastructure to accommodate electric vehicles to all of its homes starting next year, another move to attract younger environmentally conscious buyers.

But he says the extra cost of reducing the HERS scores even lower, to around 40, isn’t worth the energy savings and reduction in pollution.

“The further we squeeze, the more we’ll price people out of new homes and not get the benefit people expect,” Parker says, noting that buyers already think building with the environment in mind is too expensive.

To be sure, there will have to be a lot more energy-efficient homes to make a real difference in air pollution. Boosting energy efficiency and electrifying buildings is happening on a small scale in Utah, where 13,000 building permits were issued for single-family homes in 2018 and where there are hundreds of thousands of existing single-family homes, most built before 2000. Older homes waste much more energy than new ones.

Ivory Homes says the conversation needs to include improving the efficiency of existing homes. “They’re already in the airshed, they’re already less efficient,” says Michael Parker. “We can tighten the screws on new construction and push up prices. [But] there’s also existing stock that needs to be addressed as part of the solution.”

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07May 2018Trying to stem the skyrocketing price of Utah housing is goal of new Salt Lake Chamber coalition

A Housing Gap Coalition formed by the Salt Lake Chamber will encourage local governments to adopt land-use policies promoting mixed-use developments, such as this one in Sugar House. More high-density housing within a mix of residential offerings will be essential to keep the future cost of buying and renting within the means of all Utahns. Read the article here

02May 2018 Salt Lake Chamber Creates Housing Gap Coalition

The Salt Lake Chamber and business community are joining together to create a coalition focused around housing affordability. At Ivory homes we believe it is important to act now and plan for future housing affordability. We look forward to engaging in this coaltion as we seek for ways to make housing affordable for Utahns. Please go to to learn more about this mission and the importance of housing affordability in Utah. 

30Apr 2018 New Draper Community Has Been Released!

Take a look at this exclusive Draper community named Rivermark! This area is sure to sell out, so act quickly! Find details about the community here.

23Apr 2018 Earth Day Announcement: Celebrating 30 Years by Planting 30,000 Trees

You read that right! We are excited to announce our partnership with TreeUtah and UCAIR to plant 30,000 trees here in Utah! Find out more about this initative here.